Creating strategy based advertising that delivers !

OUR EXPERTISE ... Creating strategy based advertising that delivers !

The Cells
We strongly believe that you are what you do, not what you claim.

Today more and more brands are fighting fiercely to gain a firmer foothold in the marketplace. Competitors have to be out-maneuvered through carefully planned strategies. Our greatest strength lies in developing pre-emptive solutions that give your brand new dimensions. Timely leverages that translate into tactical advantages in the market.

The agency has the following cells, which operate under the supervision of professionals who have worked not only in Pakistan but have practical exposure to the international scene as well.

The Specialized Cells
Client Relations, Creative, Copy, Art, Audio-Visual, Media, Finance and Administration.

Key Areas of Operations

An agency has to perform like a living organism. Each unit and every collective area of interest share a symbiotic relationship.

Our team of high-calibre professionals has been created to respond to specialized needs and disciplines. It gets involved right from the strategy stage, devising detailed multi-disciplinary approaches to advertising and communication needs.

We pack brand personalities into messages that crackle like electricity yet are very cost effective.

Our team operates from the grass-roots level, and hence we also make recommendations on product development and promotional concepts to our clients, besides performing the normal functions of an agency, such as:

Brand name suggestions, Logo design, Packaging design, Surveys and research, Advertising campaign development, Execution of print, electronic and BTL campaigns, Media strategy development, Media monitoring, Direct mail, Outdoor advertising.


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