Creating strategy based advertising that delivers !


Our Values
Our corporate culture is an amalgam of a number of values, which we wish to share with you:

Integrity: Honesty and fairness with our people, our clients and our business associates are integral to the way we do business.

Rapidity: In a business where the difference between winning and losing often depends on staying one step ahead of the competition, our entire strategy is based on getting to the right decision fast, and being able to act on it faster ... than anyone else.

Curiosity: An open, enquiring mind provides the most fertile ground for generating new ideas.

Dedication: It is the dedication of our team of professionals that is our greatest resource. We guarantee that we do everything humanly possible to ensure that they give the best they have to offer. After all, getting the best out of our people individually ensures that collectively we are unbeatable.

Innovation: Simply being creative is no longer enough. In today’s world, it is innovation that counts. Like any industrial company, we also produce, but our product is ideas -- and we want our people to contribute toward this. They do, and it is our clients who benefit.

Integration: More and more clients seek advice on multi-disciplinary approaches. Gone are the days of just “creation”; today integration of activities is the name of the game. Clients also want professional advice on how to allocate funds across the rapidly widening communications spectrum.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, we believe it to be our duty to contribute towards shaping the client’s business. Hence, we hold strong opinions about business, and possess the courage of our convictions to make those beliefs known.

We don't sell campaigns to clients. We work with them as partners, from the initial stages through to the final execution. We don't sell work. We expect our clients to contribute to the process of creating effective results. It's the best way to ensure that they are enthused by the work we present.

Our Approach
Our basic principle is building long term relationships. Relationships created through excellence in work. This makes sense to us and makes business for our clients.

We create advertising that delivers results. Here our formula is simple: fact finding, identifying a niche, creating a distinctive positioning for the product or service, campaign development and high quality execution, and a strategic media plan . . . while keeping in mind that all is to be done within the allocated time frame and at the most advantageous cost.

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